Obeying Jesus’ command to go and make disciples of all nations is imperative.

We believe that part of our calling as Christ-followers is not only to be a disciple of Jesus, but also to make disciples. Jesus modelled this for us by having disciples Himself. He had an inner group of three (Peter, James, & John), a larger group of twelve (the disciples and later, apostles), and a broader group (the seventy-two He sent out). It is in following Jesus’ example that we aim to have every mature believer in our family disciple others. Titus 2 talks about how the older men and women should teach the younger men and women; Hebrews admonishes us to “stir up one another to love and good works.” We do not follow Jesus by ourselves; we do so in a connected family of fellow believers.

We are meant for community, and we only grow when we are part of a family.

One way we create space for community is with our grow groups. These are small groups of 6 - 12 believers who grow in Christ together and become a smaller “family” within our larger, corporate family. The goal of grow groups is to walk through life together in an intimate way beyond a weekly Bible study. The members of your grow group are your support system, your prayer partners, encouragers, and accountability team.

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